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Confidence Booster Bundle

Confidence is key to the success of any entrepreneur. The resources in this Confidence Bundle are three of our most popular resources for a reason: Each of them provides context plus a practical mindset, exercise, or process you can adopt to always keep confidence at its peak.

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These three resources by Dan Sullivan each approach the topic of confidence from a different angle, but together provide a comprehensive look at why confidence is the number one responsibility of any entrepreneur — plus practical ways to strengthen and protect your confidence muscle to approach any situation at your best.

The 4 C’s Formula® introduces Dan Sullivan’s 4-step formula that boosts confidence to take advantage of opportunities you see around you. It is how every breakthrough happens and how everyone, everywhere grows.

The Gratitude Principle™ presents Dan’s fundamental belief that we can achieve endless progress and success in life as long as we are grateful along the way. Gratitude is a skill that can be learned, a success habit you count on. A lack of it is one of the biggest obstacles to personal progress.

Successful people have successful habits. The 21-Day Positive Focus® is a strategy direct from The Strategic Coach Program that’s designed to create and continually strengthen a confidence habit. Use it personally and with team members, colleagues, family, and friends for results you’ll begin to see almost immediately.

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